About Swede

My love for old, tattered objects has followed me around for as long as I can remember. All of the women in my family are ladies of many different trades and crafts and are the key figures that have introduced me into the wonderfully beautiful textile industry.

My mom hooked rugs, died her own wool and created her own primitive patterns that still hang on my walls and welcome me in my home today. Both of my grandmothers were seamstresses who learned from their mothers - as the story is always told. 

Swede's is a homage to my great-grandmother "Nana" Ruth Adelane. She was revered for her beautiful stitching, dressmaking and decorating. A few years into my apprenticeship, it came so naturally to me, as if someone was guiding my hands. During my time learning the trade, my grandmother Bette told me that my Nana upholstered.  

Between my years of learning how to sew and construct patterns, I also learned a tremendous amount of patience ( having a little sister ) and resourcefulness ( from my dad and grandfathers who made me figure things out on my own ). As it turns out, upholstery sure seems like a perfect fit for me, a gal who loves to roll up her sleeves and take on a challenge. 

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