So Long 2017

No denying, 2017 has been a great big year of change and hustle for me. I officially went part time at my day job to make more room for upholstery jobs, and to help keep my brain in the creative world it needs to be in order to stay happy and excited. 

While I had been loosely planning ( mostly dreaming ) of where I want my life to take me, I started to seriously buckle down and look into business more closely. Everything encompassing it that I possibly could. I went to seminars, I joined webinars, I read, I read some more, I spoke to local business owners, business owners who have both failed and who currently flourishing. I dove into how I foresee my operations would look like as well as put together my budget. I created a very in depth business plan, that turned out to be what the next 5 years looks like. I cried tears of pure anxiety but tears of shear joy. I scheduled appointments every week to tour available commercial properties. I learned what "NNN" means. 

 Needless to say, I'm a Virgo. We plan, and worry and obsess over details. This was my first time as a small business owner, I had to gather as much information as I could.

As it turned out, the last property I looked at, since I practically looked at damn near all of the greater Clark County - was where I kept asking for more information, which turned into actual negotiations. NEGOTIATIONS - I was actually doing it, when I was only gathering more information to shove in this business plan of mine. We live right over the 205 and I5 bridge from Portland Oregon, whose market is increasingly starting to gain speed to catch up to my hometown San Francisco. More developments are coming up in Vancouver, heck they are completely building up the waterfront. If ever there was a time for me to take the leap, it was then. 

( My whole "plan" was to journal throughout my beginning days leading up to taking ownership of my space, but in no way was there anytime for that )

Through many back and forths I finally signed the lease, and started to move in that night. It was go time. We painted, changed out ceiling tiles ( never again. ) moved all my equipment and contents of half our home and my entire workspace(s). 2 weeks later, I was open to the fine patrons of the charming downtown Vancouver, WA. I'm nestled in an adorable Bavarian style building with the sweetest neighbor Jennifer who owns Duke's Antiques. I scored. 


It's already been 4 months, and I'm finally able to sit down and ponder over 2017. It's been good to me. It's taught me more than I ever expected and on top of that, I've met some wonderfully genuine folks along the way. The shop is constantly changing, I'm getting new jobs in that throws me new challenges but I feel settled in to Uptown Village, and appreciate so much the warm welcome into the neighborhood.

With Upholstery I am constantly learning something new, or at least ways to improve my skills. But lately I can't help but to feel like I've learned so much more about myself. I've learned that I'm more driven than I think I ever gave myself credit for, I've become much more brave and that I haven't lost my motivation to keep going. 

My vision has always been there, and I've dreamt this up for years - any one close to me can attest to this. I kept talking about it, and now I'm actually doing it. This year could not have been possible without my close friends and family there to support me through my venture. Thank you Sean for motivating me and believing that I can do anything. Having a partner like you is something I thank my lucky stars I have you in my life.

And thank you 2017, you've blessed me and I will always look back on this you as one of my special years. 

PS. Thanks for aligning the stars with us and Gypsy <3


xoxo - Swede