Hello 2018!


Now that I've said my farewell to one of my biggest years of change, I welcome in what I hope to be a year of growth. Hello 2018!

Granted, I suppose every year brings growth in one way or another but for me and this coming year I'm eager push myself in different ways. I'm goal oriented, but at times I get scattered and find equally as exciting projects as the one ( or two ) I am currently working on. But seeing that I am a business owner now, I can't afford to chase squirrels any more. Speaking on goals, and how they keep me motivated - I thought what a terrific idea to jot them down here for the entire world to see and to hold me completely accountable to achieve each and every one of the following:


In 2018, I vow to ( hustle )

When I was planning and setting everything up for the shop, while having a day job I thought that was hustle. In a sense it was, but felt so frantic. I'm re-defining my own hustle. Hustle for me, means to set myself reasonable expectations. Not to just "whip something out" for the sake of time. Instead, hustle for me means to continuously put meaning behind my work, while being ahead of my deadlines ( for those of you reading this, I tend to estimate longer, so I can deliver sooner ;) ). There have been far too many instances where I feel rushed, or the need to rush, when in fact the extra 30 minutes making sure I'm happy with my end product is what makes all this worth it. This hustle makes me feel happy and fulfilled.


In 2018, I vow to ( Trust my process )

This one ties into Focus. While I don't always do things your way, or your dads way or Abe Lincoln himself's way, I do it my way. I admit that I have an interesting train of thought and I need to take a moment to attack a new project, but I take that extra moment, because I know how it will effect the hypothetical Step #17. I will also admit that I do not by any circumstance know everything, and need to ask for help - especially when it comes to woodworking, or taxes, or setting the thermostat properly. But there's a balance that I can't allow to jeopardize why I do what I do or how I do it. I'm lucky that I truly enjoy working in this trade. I get questioned, often because I'm a young female doing what most grown strong men do. But I won't let those words question myself, rather I'll refer to my second bullet and take 20 extra minutes to show the naysayers all of the work I have ever done. ;) 


In 2018, I vow to ( Focus )  

The whole "chasing squirrels" thing is silly. But it's so true! At least for us creative types. I can't speak for everyone but there is just too much to learn and too much to create to just sit around. But since we can't stop time, a lot of those squirrels end up being dreams or ideas just waiting around for you to pick back up * I keep referencing back to knitting and crocheting. I know you guys and gals out there know exactly what Im talking about.* I could list off at least 6 completely different projects I would love to take on, but then I would completely defeat the purpose of this very important bullet point. - So many times, I have felt like I NEED to rush a project just for the sake of time. But every freakin' time I think I can just "whip something out" I have to re-do it, or fix it. Upholstery is not quick by any means, there are a lot of steps to consider. And when I think I can cheat my process, I remember I have my process for a reason and it works. If I have to spend an extra 15 minutes making a decision on what color trim to use, by god I'm going to trust in my process. 


in 2018, I vow to ( Stay Positive )

Like everyone, I have gloomy days. Sometimes those days really dictate how the rest of that day is about to go. It's happened to me from time to time and I've lost a day to silly things that no longer matter. And for what? I'm guilty of it. Getting in a negative brain tornado that just keeps spinning and sucking in anything around it only to get bigger and more intense. *This is a clear over dramatization, but I'm flexing my poetic muscles for you to have a visual*  I can't allow that to happen anymore. But by George, I have too much to do to focus on negativity. Whether it be picking up a different chair to tear apart ( some of the best therapy ) or re-arranging the storefront, or taking a break to grab a cup of coffee, when I focus on my process - I make beautiful things. And I'm pretty sure I enjoy beautiful things rather than lame, pouty things. - I've already been putting this into practice here at the shop, but I vow to continue this in all aspects of my life.




I know that like any year, they have their moments. And now that it's day one of 2018, I'm might be reaching for something that may or may not be as happy-go-lucky that I'm wishing for but I will at least fight and give it what I got. Happy New Year to you all, I truly wish it to be a year of growth for you as well!

" Be anything you want to be, just be the best you can be. " -Grandma Sousa



xo - swede


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